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Speed low/ Port Forwardading


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i am using paraydine 6381-A3 Router and having problem with speed my

connection speed is

512 Kb/s

Speed Test

Download 324Kb/s

Upload 94Kb/s

i don't know which port to forward?

i forward the port which was showing in uTorrent but i was not appear to be open

Plz help me

if i download any file without torrent i've got speed above 40KB/s and with torrent it don't cross 15KB/s some times it cross but for very short time.

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You are lucky to get 40 KiBps down on that connection. Use whatever port you choose, in Ctrl-G and setup as the RULE in your paraydine. Even though you don't test @ .5 Mbit (512 Kbit, 64 KiBps) DOWN, you will not go over 55 likely if that's the theoretical limit.

You need to use XX/96 Ctrl-G settings OR LOWER and turn off extra features, http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259 gives different numbers which you may find help some more.

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