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µTorrent connecting to "strange" IP:port


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Anyone else but me that gets connections like below from µTorrent 1.8.1 (build 12639)

Source Destination Proto, port 1787, port 8080 TCP, port 1779, port 8080 TCP, port 1753, port 8080 TCP, port 1750, port 8080 TCP, port 1706, port 8080 TCP, port 1694, port 8080 TCP, port 1646, port 8080 TCP, port 1603, port 8080 TCP, port 1583, port 8080 TCP, port 1581, port 8080 TCP

i.e. µTorrent is conneting to

To see that it is µTorrent that are making those connetions I did like this

Find Process ID for µTorrent and then

netstat -b -n | find "<Process ID for µTorrent>"

i.e. for me

netstat -b -n | find "4572"


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Maybe I am confused here but what is the problem with this connection?

All I see is you behind your NAT and someone using a good proxy which I am sure is

no longer good after being posted in a public forum.

Port 8080 is a common proxy port and proxies generate several connections much like AOL

used to do with their internal proxies.


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