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Can't reseed -please help!


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I've encountered a problem thanks to the new version of utorrent. Here's the scenario. I just downloaded a DVD torrent. Next, I want to burn the show onto a DVD-R and finally continue seeding the show. I may copy the files to another folder or I may reseed from the original folder. This doesn't work anymore. When utorrent used to intuitively know what to put where, it always worked like a charm. Now when I try to reseed, utorrent doesn't recognize that I've downloaded the files already and it starts downloading the show all over again. Sometimes it will check the files as if it were going to okay me, but then it determines that I don't have any of the show and it starts downloading (and presumably corrupting the once complete files) instead of uploading. Help! Is this a bug or am I an idiot?

If nobody has a clear idea of how to fix this, is there any way that I can load and use the last version of utorrent? This all started when some programmer thought that it would be better to put more control into the users hands.

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I have the same problem, or almost the same probelm. When i reboot my computer all the files that I´m seeding is gone and when I check in the save torrents-folder the torrent is there but is is renamed for example "hometrouble.torrent.loaded" when the name where "hometrouble.torrent" when

i downloaded it. It´s kind of iritating that I cant seed to people if I reboot my computer...

Anyone have a clue to what I have done wrong?


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