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Slow download speeds + more.


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I have been using Utorrent for a while now and I always get slow downloads speeds (most I've seen is 15kb/s) but now I'm downloading a big file (7gb) and I can't stand these speeds with an ETA of 5 weeks. I'm using a DI-624 Wireless router and a DSL-502T router, and I have followed the exact options on Portfowarding on the routers besides the static IP part because Optus charges you extra (business account) for Dynamic IP's.

There is no green light in utorrent which really gets to me considering the amount of times I have restarted both my routers and entered in the correct settings again and again. The upload rate is fine, always at it's max of 15kb/s but the download barely goes past 10kb/s most of the time.

I'm running Windows xp

My connection is ADSL2+ 1.5mb, I average speeds of 150kb/s when downloading.

ISP : Optusnet

If anyone can help me thank you in advanced, if you need any more information just ask.


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Are you sure that you're not exceeding your quota? Most of your country's ISPs use quotas on your plans... and some actively discourage international traffic over the pipes due to the inherent data fees. If the problem isn't forwarded ports, to ask a silly question, have you tested with only the modem in the picture (ISP -> modem -> PC) to see if it's a limitation on the router in general. I assume the max speeds you get (150 KiBps) are for HTTP direct downloads?

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I'm not exceeding my quota, I get a monthly data allowance of 20gb I just checked and I've only used 4gb so I still got a lot left. I do have 2 routers but, no modem.. I havn't tried just using the router connecting to the wall socket but if I did do that it would disconnect everyone else in the house off the internet, I will try it now to see if it something to do with my wireless router, and yes the 150kb/s is through HTTP direct downloads. I will connect 1 router now and post in a few minutes.


After testing it for a few mins I found no speed improvement.

Also what would "limits bandwidth for accounts with a high traffic volume " mean? because I checked the list of ISP's for utorrent and optus is ticked for this option.

And, is it weird that I can connect to both routers, the wireless by going through and the other router by entering the ip on www.whatismyip.com?


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Using a static LAN ip isn't the same as using a static WAN (internet) ip...which is what Optus charges extra (business account) for.

Being double-NATed is almost always bad...but you may be triple-NATed!

Did you check to see if your modem needs to be configured too?

On very large torrents, your download speed is often close to your upload speed.

Did you try the 2nd link of my signature for slightly more conservative settings for uTorrent?

Is DHT enabled/disabled?

Is peer exchange enabled/disabled?

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Hi, I know this is gonna sound newby but that what I am :)

What is NATed?; I don't know what you mean by configurin my modem, I have done port-fowarding on both routers, I just put in the option that where in the second post in your sig (tyvm)

Peer exchange is enabled and DHT is enabled for new torrents but not for network.


Going to bed now as I live in Australia, I will reply back to all posts in the morning.



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NAT = Network Address Translation. It's what routers do. :P

Any 192.168.x.x ip address has to be routed to its real internet ip.

Going through multiple layers of routers can be difficult, as each one acts as a 1-way firewall unless specifically configured to do otherwise.

Your modem might have a mini-router and/or firewall in it as well.

www.portforward.com ROUTERS section lists those modems as well as "regular" routers.

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