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Utorrent says ports forwarded, tracker says they arent


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This isn't happening with all of the torrents, but the majority of them.

UPnP Disabled, ports forwarded manually.

Switched from Azureus to Utorrent, using same port as I was in Azureus. Yet still coming back as port needs to be forwarded by the tracker.

Not having any issues with speed or anything like that.

Whats the deal?

Using XP sp2, no firewall.

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Yep, firewall is disabled. Router firewall is disabled. Have changed ports within Azureus and Utorrent and changed the forward.

Nefarious, I can switch to azureus with the same torrent and it shows up as the port being forwarded. I go back to utorrent and it shows up with the tracker as being unforwarded.

Utorrent says ports are forwarded, as does Azureus. It's just the connection between Utorrent and tracker that is the problem so it seems.

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