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Lost DL & UL?


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Hi there Anyone,Sir/Madam,

I got a serious problem with my torrents,First, downloads was fine even Uploads.2nd i had visited youtube i saw there was a video about settings on how to improved uttorent downloads speed.LOL.I followed its steps even in [Options\Preferences\...Last was Advance settings and then i tried forwarding the port

after prompting Portforwarding Authentication i got an error 401 UNAUTHORIZED repeated several times.my user and password for my router is exact{Maybe this is the router thing}.So i made it up quiting the process when i got back to resume all torrents.Seeds are present and so with peers.Downspeed empty .up speed empty.ETA is in infinite.

i uninstall, uttorent, install, uninstall,install,uninstall,install..but still the same no movements or anything in DL & UL.

i tried myself coming to piratebays forums and it said "your IP has been blocked by administrator"and it says e-mail the administrator. then i do the thing.no response yet.

What kind of problem do i encounter? can anyone HELP ME (huhuhu) Im just 3 months old in uttorent as user.



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