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uTorrent. qeastion for more protection how we all get caught


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i got a email this week take down for downloading a backup of a game

which i own and the disk got damaged

you have every right to download a backup image.

what i like to know is why other p2p have not added any security to protect

people who download and seed the programs for others.

i was thinking how they are targetting us all and sending out all these bullshite

take down orders.

what people should look into is that most p2p programs will show the peers

of all people who are connected into the swarm for downloading.

once we are in the swarm this is how they are getting us all the riaa or BayTSP.com Inc

because our ip adress is in there.

all they have to do is check the peers

and get your ip adress and then contact your isp.

how about in the next update that we dont see peer connection or use

some pgp keys

intellectual property


Notice ID:

Infringement Source: BitTorrent

Infringement Timestamp: 15 Dec 2008 06:49:25 GMT

Infringement Last Documented: 15 Dec 2008 06:49:25 GMT

Infringer Username:

Infringing Filename:

Infringing Filesize:

Infringer IP Address:

Infringer DNS Name:

Infringer Port ID:

yes i know some people will say peergaudian will protect you

i had this running and i still got caught.

it does work but not 100%

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dont you worry im not communicate with any of the companys.

in canada you can backup your media if you own it.

one member says use vpn.

i suppose that is a lot secure as your on a private network.

but surely there is a way to block anyone seeing our ip adress when we are downloading or seeding.

thanks for the reply :)

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how about in the next update that we dont see peer connection

Making the Peers tab invisible does absolutely NOTHING to stop others from seeing your IP. Just because you hide something doesn't mean it's not there -- the information is still easily available/obtainable to even those with only a basic knowledge of how things work.

or use some pgp keys

Won't do a damn thing.

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