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Download limit bugged?


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I have noticed wired behaviour when capping the download speed, that the upload speed dropped to virtually the same speed I capped the download or 50%. I did try to reproduce it with some massive torrents right now and couldn't that easy but if you take a look at this 2 pictures when it works ok.

This is a picture with 5 torrent which looks ok doesnt it? Well yeah


This is a picture with the same torrents but I start limiting the download all the way to 25kB/s. It still looks ok right? Yeah.


But then I kept messing around and came to a different thing "calc.overhead = enabled" and a whole new story surfaced. Now capping download to any number you pick, any big number, lets say 500kB/s and the download will start dropping big because you limit the calc.overhead with it like on this next picture.



I think the drop of upload is also dependant on the number of peers connecting or even torrents you seeding. For example on the above picture. I just maxed the second torrent to my full upload speed. Then capped my upload to 100kB/s and the upload dropped. Here I have calc overhead disabled now so it is not effecting anything. Now the torrent is uploading slow again. Now to get the my max upload speed on the 100kB/s cap. I need to open the other 3 torrents I'm seeding again fully at my max like here. It can not be done with the second single running seeding torrent anymore.


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When you said:

"Now capping download to any number you pick, any big number, lets say 500kB/s and the download will start dropping big"

Did you mean this?:

"Now capping download to any number you pick, any big number, lets say 500kB/s and the upload will start dropping big"

...At least that's what the picture seems to show. :P

Your findings seem a continuation of the earlier posts here:



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yes ofcourse. :P

Looks like there is no fix then other then run more torrents or dont limit. lol

I also had another wired thing happening now. I upload the second torrent with full speed. Then enable the first download one. When this reached 2.2-2.3MB/s the uploading torrent dropped again to like 1.4-1.5MB/s. So to top out both at the same time. I had to start again another seeding torrent.

Like 2 win over one or the number of peers on each side. 200 seeders vs 26 peers. 1.4-1.5MB/s Upload

When I started another seeding torrent I had a ratio of both 200 seeds vs 110 peers. This topped it out again. 2.2-2.3MB/s

But if it matters much only one peer on the second torrent is leeching at 1.5MB/s from me the whole time when testing this. So it would more look like 200vs 1 peer but when I start downloading from the first one I get max speed from one seeder like 900kB/s then some 100s and lots of under 100s so it really looks like that that relation is important. The more the merrier what would explain why it climbs all the way up when I introduce 110 peer into the account.

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