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Removing Vuze Causes uTorrent to Stop Working ?


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I just removed Vuze from my Mac Mini (Tiger 10.4.11) by dragging the Vuze icon from the applications folder to the trash, and now utorrent won't work. If I click on the dock icon it bounces a couple of times then does nothing. If I click again it bounces once then does nothing. If I click on torrent files they do the 'blow up' animation to indicate a program has started, but then nothing happens. Have uninstalled, rebooted, reinstalled Vuze, rebooted, reinstalled uTorrent, downloaded the latest build, reinstalled, no change. When I reinstalled uTorrent the last time it didn't even change the icon for a torrent file - it remains a Vuze icon.

Would very much prefer to use utorrent - help !

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