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1.3 to 1.4 cripples speed...


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Network Type: Cogeco Cable connection (5 Mbps is what's advertised, "DSLReports Tweak Test" says everything is configued perfectly for my connection, 4600 DL/470 UL tonight from the speed test)

Operating System: Windows XP Professional SP2 (nLite-stripped to the bare essentials)

Network Adapter: AcerLAN ALN-201 PCI Ethernet Adapter

Software Firewall/Router: Sygate Personal Firewall Pro (advanced rule currently gives uTorrent complete access to every port)

Hardware Firewall/Router: None

Other software using bandwidth?: Just Firefox... =P

Traffic Shaping?: Not that I know of. Given my issue I doubt this is the cause of my problem. They've been accused in the past however (being subsidiaries of Rogers).

uTorrent Network Status: OK

Modified uTorrent Settings (from default values):

-Global Maximum Upload Rate: 32 kB/S

-Global Maximum Download Rate: 256 kB/S

-Maximum Number of Connections: 1000

-Maximum Number of Connected Peers per Torrent: 200

-Maximum Number of Upload Slots Per Torrent: 5

-Maximum Number of Active Torrents: 5

-Maximum Number of Active Downloads: 3

-Scraping Enabled

-DHT Disabled

-Max Half-Open Connections: 10 (I've modified the default XP limit)

These settings worked flawlessly in version 1.3 ... I was consistently getting download/upload rates meeting my specified values. After upgrading to 1.4 I would be lucky to reach 5 kB/S while downloading/uploading. I cut the max half-open connections in half (and following that to 4) thinking perhaps that was the cause, but it did nothing. Reverting back to 1.3 seemed to restore my usual torrent speeds.

This is obviously a previously discussed problem, considering you now have a forum dedicated to speed issues ... I just thought I'd throw in my experience with the new uTorrent. =D I'm obsessive about keeping my software up-to-date, so using an "old" version is annoying me a little. lol If you have any suggestions I'd really appreciate it. =)

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That seems to have fixed it.

Uhm... why did that fix it? :D Those options are only pretty marginal adjustments to what I had going beforehand... well, except of course for the DL rate, and I guess to a lesser extent the connections per torrent. But the DL rate change shouldn't have done anything, considering it's just supposed to cap ... and the connections/torrent was a drop, yeah, but I've never had 100 peers connected, let alone 200...


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