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Need help with uTorrent settings


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After recently installing uTorrent, I've just now been able to forward my ports correctly, so that uTorrent now displays a green light - and the Port Test shows up green as well.

However, my transfer speeds still suffer a lot... I'm normally downloading around 10 files at the same time, and they're normally always HD movies, varying in size from about 7 - 20 GB.

The download speeds I get are normally between 2 - 20 KB/s, while my connection is good for about 600 (I have a 6MBit connection). My upload speeds are fine though - they normally max out my connection (around 55 KB/s).

So, I was wondering if anyone could have a quick look at my settings and see if you notice something wrong?

- I have UPnP and NAT-PMP mapping enabled.

- Under "Number of connections" I have the following: Global maximum 250, Max numbers of connected peers per torrent 100, Number of upload slots 4. I have enabled the > 90% option aswell.

- Under "Queuing" I have set max number of active torrents to 30, and Max number of downloads to 15.

Can someone see anything wrong?

PS: I have followed the whole Setup Guide.

I hope someone can help...

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Use this speed guide (more conservative): http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=34259

If your max UL speed is 55 KB/s so 440 Kb/s, you need to choose the line:

║ 384 kbit/sec ║ 35│ 4║ 40│ 90║ 3│ 2║

║ 448 kbit/sec ║ 40│ 4║ 40│ 100║ 3│ 2║

Level at 448 is maybe sufficient if websurfing is correct (test it) when uT is running in background.

To test again your max UL speed, use http://www.speedtest.net/ (make 3 or 4 runs to have a good average)

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Thanks Moogly.

I've already ran several speed tests from different sizes, and found that my upload speeds is close to 500 Kb/s.

What is really weird here, is that: a) In my Speed Guide, there's no 448 setting, only 384 and 512, and B) When I choose 384 I get different suggestions that what you list, namely: ║ 384 kbit/sec ║ 35│ 4║ 80│ 230║ 3│ 2║...

Do you recommend that I change the values 80 and 230 to the 40 and 90 that you suggest?

Furthermore, I think only 3 max active torrents (and max 2 active downloads) is very low, can I atleast increase that to say, 20 and 10? Or does this hamper speeds (I don't think it does, as long as I don't max out my connection's Download Speed)?

Thanks again.

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Because this speed guide has been customized, this one in uT is more simple.

So if you use this one from the board, dont use this one in uT. Go directly to Preferences > Bandwidth and add the numbers like explained here.


Ok there was a mistake, your max UL is 500 kb/s (bit) not 55 kB/s (byte).

So you can use the line:

║ 512 kbit/sec ║ 47│ 4║ 40│ 100║ 4│ 2║

You will have 62-47=15 kB/s for websurfing. Test it.

20 active torrents is too much because it implies a max of 2.4 kB/s for UL per torrent!!!! It's too low.

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"20 active torrents is too much because it implies a max of 2.4 kB/s for UL per torrent!"

On top of that, if EACH torrent has 4 upload slots then each peer/person downloading from you at any given time averages AT MOST 0.6 KB/sec.

Other peers will likely find someone ELSE to upload to rather than you because your upload speed to them is horribly bad. So yes, on all but the most over-seeded torrents, your download speed will suffer badly if you don't upload back at a reasonable speed per upload slot.

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