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SEED WHILE PROBLEM (not stopping after set time)


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I have an issue where my torrents are not stopping after 72 hours like i have set them too, where as they stop perfectly at the set ratio.

Any ideas???

I have mine set as follows


Ratio is <= 175% or seeding time is <= (min) 72

I have checked the limit the upload rate to 0 on reaching seeding goal.

I know it sort of works as torrents that reach 175% ratio finish,

but the never stop from the time condition even after seeding for months.

Does it on;y count actual uploading time or does it count time since torrent started seeding???

Also I notice that the (hour) part has been changed to (min) so i did enter 4230 mins which is 72hrs is this right, i was told that this may be incorrect and was told to set to 72 even though it says (mins). Even so it doesnt work. I have been through all my torrents and they have not been overiden or forced so cant work out why they wont finish after the set time????

I am using V1.8.1 (build 12616)



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From http://download.utorrent.com/utorrent-help.zip , searching for "When µTorrent Reaches the Seeding Goal" (with the "") shows the explanation (red):

When µTorrent Reaches the Seeding Goal

The Limit the upload rate to field allows you to set the speed that µTorrent throttles the upload speed for a torrent job to when it reaches the seeding goal set. Setting this value to 0 is equivalent to telling µTorrent to stop the torrent job. A change to this value affects only torrent jobs that have not yet reached their seeding goals. This value is interpreted in KiB/s, so please enter it as such.

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I get mine the other way around my torrents stop fine when the reach the ratio that i have set but will not stop after 4230 mins which i also set.

From reading your post you seem to have the exact opposite of me????

I i am after is someone to tell me how to set up Utorrent so that my torrents will finish after reaching the set ration or finisshing by reaching the set time to seed.

can anyone tell me that



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