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DHT in New Laptop Slows down browsing Whereas in old System doesn't .


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Hello Everyone ,,,

I have this general question regarding DHT enabled in my new System ( Vista Ultimate ) which slows down my browsing, so i had to turn it off to fix the slow browsing .

Now this wasn't the case in my Old Laptop ( Under Windows XP) where i had DHT turned on all the time with no issues.

I don't remember anything that differs between my two laptops apart from my Operating System and maybe µtorrent's version .

I had the same router; the same ADSL Speed ( 4 Mbps Down, 512Kbps Up ) configured for µtorrent.

So my question is that why didn't DHT disturb my browsing speed before but now Does ?

Does it have to do with the newest version of µtorrent 1.8.1 ( as to the date of this Post ) ?

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Ok,, you can say i migrated my content to the new Laptop,,, µtorrent is working fine now , but with DHT enabled i experience slow browsing .

On old laptop Norton Antivirus and Sygate firewall; worked so WELL .

On new laptop Kaspersky Internet Security and µtorrent works fine, but with slow browsing with DHT enabled so i switch it off .

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