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Listen up people!


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Hey im ldcrew from Btcyberstorm

Im one of the moderators there and we would be glad to se you register to this site..

we are a closed community and we are filling out our site atm..

the most important thing is to seed your downloaded torrents after you have downloaded it and make a comment to it!

(to make the uploaders feel more appreciated!)

After all its free!

we also have forums with the possibility to bring up the most of what you have in mind!

and a request section for those ho need something special..

please take some of your time to check the site out

My best regards: ldcrew



And why do i post here?

Actully we link to utorrent for downloading your client beacuse we think its the best client out there!

And of course we arent dumb here!, this site have the right users for our site :)

So if it was not okey by the site here to post this, then im sorry!

(moderators of utorrent forum.. feel free to remove it if its breaking any rules)

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Hey what a coincidence. I just recently signed upto your site to download a torrent i spotted on a torrent search engine.

You need to sort out your registering problems though. It took you 24 hours to activate my account :P

Yes, we have some site changes now so the issues on the site will soon be gone..

when the new tracker is up..

Regards: ldcrew

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Well thats good to hear, and looking forward to seeing your site grow. Right now i have only noticed you recommending µTorrent in your news list on the main page though. Would be nice if you had that stickied somewhere on the main page.

We will se what happens when the new tracker/site is up!

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