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Currently i'd uploaded a new torrent and became primary (single) seeder.

Jjst confused, if the speed is written here, for exmple, 80kB/s, does the speed is then further divided to the num of peer (eg. 4) so that every one will get to download the torrent at 20kB/s? (80/4)

if so, is there any way for me too increase my upload speed as a single seeder?

n yeah. if the uploaded meter shows 4GB with 4 connected peers, is that mean those 4 GB are actually a summation of all downloaded by my fellow peers? (ie.1GB each was downloaded, so 1gbx4=4gb). is that so?

one more thing, how could i know if one or more of my peers have complete a download?

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Overall bandwidth availability starts increasing once complete pieces get out.

The upload speed you see in your client outside of the peers tab is combined totals.

If you have not set an upload limit and you can't upload any faster than you currently are, the only way to upload faster is with a better internet connection.

Uploaded amount shows the total amount uploaded, not necessarily evenly split across peers.

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