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If I raise my upload speed, download slows


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My question:

Running utorrent 1.8.1 in XP:

COX CABLE is my ISP - speedtest shows 15877 k down 1908k up WHILE UTORRENT IS RUNNING.

Here is the weird part:

If i set my upload limit to 50K, my downloads seem to run to their max potential.

HOWEVER, if i raise the upload limit above 90K or heaven forbid unlimited,

the download speed drops to garbage, under 20K, and the upload speed initially bursts to about 400K, then maxes out around 100K while the download crawls.

but as soon as i put upload limit back to 50K, download flies, and the upload sustains 50K. Is there any way I can get 500K up and down at the same time?

I've also found that if i set the upload limit above 90K my browser response time suffers.

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Cox Cable probably also uses a burst mode like ComCast does...which means both speed tests and short uploads/downloads see speeds way beyond your line's normal maximum. You'll see higher results because of that on speed tests AND briefly with torrents.

Your real sustainable upload max is probably somewhere between 80 KiloBYTES/second and 150 KiloBYTES/second. (1 megabit/second is about 110-120 KiloBYTES/second.)

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