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Running a global program/notifier on DL start AND finish


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Since the RSS feature was introduced, DLs are starting up w/o you noticing it, or even w/o being near your PC. To help users be aware of those, they can notify themselves locally (pop-ups) and remotely (email, SMS etc.)

We now have local balloons for such notifications (except for Win98...) and "run a program when finished" on a per-torrent base.

Here is what I suggest to change/add:

"run this program when DL finishes"

Put this also globally in preferences. If nothing was defined per torrent - this will work. If the user DID define also a program IN the torrent properties - he will be able to specify if to use that one (default) or both.

"run this program when DL auto-starts"

This is good for RSS type DLs. This will be available ONLY globally, either in the general preferences (RSS new section) or in an area within the RSS Downloader (feeds or history tabs).

For both - the %F D N parameters will be available.

%X - new parameter for auto-start notification - optionally - the RSS feed name it was found in.

I hope this will be implemented .

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