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maxing out speed


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As r00ted said, more connections don't neccessarily mean greater download speed.

On small torrents, you connect to most/all the seeds+peers pretty quick anyway. Once connected, a high half-open limit does nothing to speed up your downloads.

On large torrents, if your upload bandwidth and upload slots are all saturated, then only the addition of more seeds is likely to net a major increase in download speeds. There's always the chance you can find a very good uploader -- however once found finding more very good uploaders gets harder, as they no doubt are uploading to others (who are uploading fast to them) and will nearly ignore you.

Problem is, if everyone sets max half-open connections and max connections really high the net effect is zero...or even negative since maintaining more connections and agressively (re-)establishing them increases bandwidth useage.

Robbing from Peter to pay Paul works great till Peter realizes he's being robbed.

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