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How to recreate .torrent files after win/xp reinstall


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I have 2 PCs --- my main one, and the following one which is used almost exclusively for Torrent fun!

My main HDD (on my Torrent machine) took a dump :( --- replaced it --- reinstalled WIN/XP and uTorrent. There was no chance of saving the %APPDATA%\uTorrent folder. The downloaded data folders were on a separate HDD and were not affected.

After the reinstall is there a way to recreate the .torrent files that were stored in %APPDATA%?

I have 90+ completed, very popular, torrents that I was seeding back to the community, but without the entries in %APPDATA% how can I continue to do that?

After the uTorrent re-install and setting everything up again, I found in the Preferences a way to not save those files in the main %APPDATA% directory, but to save them instead on the secondary HDD with the downloaded torrents (in a separate folder from the data) - much safer for the future. That is under Preferences -> Direcories -> "Store .torrents in:". I updated that prior to the steps below.

I went through the process of creating a new torrent (CTL/N) --- for each of the Torrents that had been previously downloaded.

After making the new torrents, I added them back into uTorrent (CTL/O). I did a Force-ReCheck, it processed through everything fine. Then I "Start" the torrents. Out of 90+ torrents, only 4 will seed / upload now. Even for Torrents that I was previously seeding (some with swarms of 1000+) I only see 1 or 2 in the swarm.

Have I gone through the process incorrectly? Why are only 4 out of 90+ working? Is what I am trying to do impossible? What else can I do to try and get this puppy humming again?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, both for me and the swarm out there!

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