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What happened to being able to select certain files from the torrent?


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You probably disabled the dialog.

Preferences > UI Settings > Show a window that displays the files in the torrent

Preferences > Directories > Always show dialog on manual add

Either way, this isn't a feature request.

Edit: *sigh* Why oh why do I keep moving threads into the freaking Announcements forum? :<

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How about if you want to de-select a file in a torrent already downloading?

I see if I go to the files tab and right klik I see a "dont download" selection... Is that new or has it already been there?

Only asking cos I had to do that the other day... I found that a whole 1 GB file in a certain torrent was totally unnecesary, so I shut it off-

Is that just as effective as not choosing the file in the foist place? :P

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