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Inital Seeding Question


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I am new to bittorrent and I want to thank the designers of utorrent for making it so easy to understand. But I do have a question. I'm not sure if it's me that's doing something wrong or if it is just the way bittorrents work

I have uploaded three torrents to piratebay.

I went to the torrents right clicked on them went to properties and marked each one as "initial seed." It shows that way on utorrent.

My question is I find that other seeding tasks, seem to be taking priority over my initial seeds. In otherwords if I find "File A" as uploading and then a file I am downloading starts seeding "File A" (my initial seed) will stop for awhile. Then it starts up again.

Is this normal? With an intital seed I'm the only one that has all the parts right? I would think that would take priority. So am I doing something wrong or is that just the way it works sometimes.


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