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uTorrent stopped working well


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I've been using uTorrent for years, and this never happened. Suddenly uTorrent stopped downloading correctly. I would open a new torrent in uTorrent, and it would stay connected to 0 seeds and 0 peers, looking something like "0(583) and 0(823)" until I exited out of it and reopened it. Then it would connect to some seeds or peers, and start picking up speed, but then die back down until I was getting 0.3kb/s or something. Then I exit, open back up, and it starts going fast again, but a minute later it dies down.

I dont know if I did something to the settings when I was trying to fix my port forward, so i tried uninstalling and reinstalling, but all the settings stay the same. I had to use an old installer that I had saved on my computer from months and months ago, because the installers on the main utorrent site weren't installing correctly, and were just opening up the program. It was very weird.

I think I could fix the problem if you could tell me how to uninstall it and get rid of all the settings, and give me a link to a good installer file so that when I reinstall it, all the settings are at default.

And I know it's not something with my connection, because I just downloaded VUZE, and it's working almost as well as uTorrent used to (no problems, and very fast download speeds averaging around 150 kb/s).

Anyone know where I can re-install it and how to make all the settings back to default?

EDIT: Interesting note I forgot to add - When I have uTorrent open, even if there are no torrents downloading (meaning they are stopped, or there are no torrents existent in it at all), I cant access the internet with any of my browsers. Needless to say, if something IS downloading in uTorrent, I can't access the internet either.

But with VUZE, I am currently downloading 2 torrents at 291kb/s combined, and my internet is going as fast as usual, as if Im not downloading anything.

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