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Request Feature Ratio Turning Red


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I posted some before, but that was too much so i will keep this short,

and only 1 request,

Hey there im a newguy just became member and hopefully i got some good usable ideas to make utorrent better,

I was wondering if it would be possible to make the torrents you are using

- Turn red after you have reached the 1.000 upload ratio when you are

seeding the download then you can have a better view when your relaxing on your couch monitoring the screen for down and upload ratio's

All right thats it for now,

Signing out,


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Vuze has a feature (provided via plugin) like this. To me, it is worthwhile, but makes more sense for torrents that have a very low ratio to start red, then turn orange and yellow as the ratio improves, and finally turn green at 1.0. Of course, this could/should be configurable (as it is in Vuze).

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I wasn't suggesting you use Vuze. (uTorrent works with Flash? I don't get it, but OK...)

I was merely saying that Vuze has such a feature already to point out that it's a worthwhile feature to have in a client, since it's already been done. I was trying to help make your point, but whatever.

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