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When trying to download a .torrent file from any site. The torrent download thing from the site itself works, but it will not open utorrent, nor will it display in utorrent to download when it's already open. I have to manually put in the address for the torrent to even get it to register that I'm trying to download something.

Can't be a seeder/leecher problem from the sites because all my files automatically seed at the completion of the download and continues to seed until I close utorrent. All but one tracker is active and working properly.

Can someone please help me fix this? I've already checked the preferences and the dialog box listing files for torrents to be downloaded is checked to display, but doesn't.

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I saw that as well. And while it was working just fine not 3 days ago there is also a slight issue. When I hit the tools button in IE on Vista... I don't see a folder options button. Nor can I find it anywhere in my IE options. If this will fix my problem I'd appreciate the help on locating it. I tried to locate a .torrent file in a folder I tried to save it to... still couldn't locate the file. I'm quite certain of where I had it downloading to as it's my default folder.

<<Edit: Found the folder options as well as a .torrent file and Utorrent is set as my default downloader for that file type.

Second Edit: Also tried to remove and re-associate... still nothing. >>

Utorrent will still download and seed properly with manual input of the torrent url, so I know Utorrent isn't borked in that area. Just won't show the file list or automatically download.

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