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post not open torrents dont download cant use bitlord limeware or utor


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I am so very frustrated right now!! my computer (using vista) was fine I could download from bitlord limeware and utorrent, I had some viruses so I took the computer in and now I can not download any torrents. Bitlord gives me an error saying it cant open the files, utorrent does not start downloading. Yesterday my port test showed my port was open and yet I couldnt download, today my port is closed and ive tried many ports. I have turned off firewalls, restored settings and still cant download! what could of changed in a week!!! please help me the only thing i use my computer for is to download pretty usless girl games and now I cant do that!! Ive tried the whole port forwarding thing but dont understand why i have to do all this when it worked fine. could they have changed something important that effects this????

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