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Delete Torrent & Download Folder


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I just noticed a problem that I'm having from time to time with uTorrent. Here's an example of it:

I download some movie, and it is compressed in some 20 .rar files. So, to watch it, I unpack the rar files in their currently located folder, after which I delete the rar files and only leave the extracted .avi file.

Now, if in utorrent you right click on the torrent and go to Remove And > Delete Torrent + Data, it won't delete the .Avi file and it will leave the folder intact because it only deletes the files it downloaded.

So, a nice feature would be to have like Remove And > Delete Torrent + Full Download Folder, which would remove even the .avi file located inside the folder were the .rar files were.

Sounds good?

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