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No Incoming Connections?


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I've got the warning below saying:

"No Incoming Connections"

I'm on a dial up connection at the moment so there is no router.

Is it still necessary to forward the ports in Windows Vista Firewall to solve this warning and get a green light?

If yes, can someone please tell me how to forward ports in Windows Firewall?

Thanks in advance for any feedback,

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.......thanks for your reply.

I'll check it out and post back if it worked or not.

Thanks again.......


.......as you can see in the screenshot both UDP & TCP are enabled for incoming connections.


Even disable the Firewall won't get rid of the warning.

Would it be ok to uncheck:

Enable NAT-PMP port mapping

I think that NAT is only used with a router or am I wrong here...?...

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You can probably disable both UPnP and NAT-PMP options in uTorrent...since they're obviously not helping. :P

ANY security software (such as antivirus and antispyware) you have on your computer likely has a software firewall of its own that needs to be configured or removed.

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