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Utorrent suddenly slows down


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I've been using utorrent for a while now and my upload and download speed has been good. About a year ago it suddenly my upload and download went really slow. I tried a lot of things back then and tried a lot of utorrent clients and after trying a lot of things, it was fine again when I was usin utorrent 1.7.7. I kept on using that because I dont know what I did to fix it and I dont want to jinx it again.

For the past year I have had no problems with utorrent at all until about a few weeks ago. I cant remember what I did the last time but I tried a lot of utorrent versions but it still not working. So I decided to use the latest utorrent version, still no change. Suddenly, the on the weekend it was downloading and uploading at full speed again and then it stopped again. I dont know whats going on. I tried a lof of setting but nothing have changed.

Basically, anyone knows why or any suggestions to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

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IrishBroadband. I've been with them for years.

I probably should mention this as well. I dont know when both of these started but I only noticed it since everything slowed down.

1. On Speedtest, my upload only goes up to 250kb/s eventhough I can upload using web/ftp up to 2700kb/s.

2. When I test my ports are open, it says close and then I hit refresh, it says open. Sometime it says open and I hit refresh and it says close.

When I had my speed back during the weekend, both the above was still like that.

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