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Cannot get a green connection


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I had no problems with my belkin router. However recently it started to go wrong so I got a NETGEAR WGR614 v9

Anyway I booted up my backup PC and managed to get a green connection on utorrent using XP, so I shut down and booted up the Vista 64 bit PC (which was previously working fine with the belkin).

Anyway I have port forwarded without any problem (as far as I can tell)

# Service Name Start Port End Port Server IP Address

1 Utorrent 50592 50592

2 Utorrent02 50591 50591

the vista PC is the utorrent02

I cannot think what the problem is but the connection stays red. I have downloaded the port forward port checker and it says that the port is open both on TCP / UDP

However when you click the utorrent "test port" button I get this result

Welcome to the µTorrent Port Checker.

A test will be performed on your computer to check if the specified port is opened.

Checking port 50591 on

Error! Port 50591 does not appear to be open.

Currently my upload speed seems fine (it rises to my maximum in a few seconds)

However my download speed is terrible (8kB/s with 27 peers connected out of 1723 and 0 seeds out of 169)

Can anyone think of what I have missed?


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ok I have reconnected my old belkin router which uses and the same port 50591


I have a green connection no problem.

Very odd... I think I will stick with the belkin as the reason I stopped using it was the fact it suddenly stopped dropping the connection about 2-3 times per day. I couldnt think why this had happened but I noticed while browsing this forum that Kapersky might be the cause so I will uninstall that and see if it makes any difference.

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It's weird because previously on my router, I created 2 rules for my uT: one for ethernet ( and port 50000) and one for wifi ( and port 50001).

So when I switched from ethernet to wifi, I just changed the port number in uT and it worked good.

So try to know if KAV is the culprit and maube try to explain your issue on the board of the router manufacturer.

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Ok thanks - I have uninstalled kapersky and replaced with AVAST. Will leave utorrent on all night and see what happens over the next 24 hours.

Hmm well that didnt work, it wasnt kapersky. The router connection went flashing (dead) just now and nothing could connect to the internet without a reboot of router. I dont understand why this is happening, it may be nothing to do with utorrent of course. I guess thats the next thing to check. I will leave the everything turned on except utorrent. Process of elimination now.


Ok I had better explain the reason I changed routers, the problem I had with the belkin router (after 6 years of no problems) was that the connected light on the router would start flashing and would cut the net connection off, however it only started doing this recently and from what I can tell it only does it if left on for a long period of time 6-12 hours+ with utorrent running.

I bought another router (Netgear) and that had the same problem (in addition to the red connection on utorrent it also cut off all net connectivilty when left on overnight)

Well I left it on all night without utorrent running and there was no problem, so I guess its the interation between utorrent and my router (either of them since they both had the same problem).

However I have been using utorrent and my original belkin router for 6 years now without any problems so I wonder what has changed. My provider is Virgin media, i am wondering if their odd throttling technique is involved since if you exceed x GB DL or y MB ul they lower your speed from 10 gb to 2 gb, not sure if this would have any effect as i dont know how it works but my problems surfaced around January this year.

My Global max number of connections is currently 90

Max number of connected peers per torrent is currently 40

Number of upload slots per torrent is currently 3

Max number of active torrents is 3

Max number of active downlods is 2

If anyone has any more suggestions I would be grateful.


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