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won't load old torrents


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whenever i load a torrent into utorrent the first time, it works fine, if however i shut down the program and then start it back up, utorrnet gives me the error of "Can't open .torrent file: [insert name of torrent]"

i've checked the load torrents from directory, the torrent files are loaded there with .loaded added to the end, but utorrent just will not load them

trying to load trackers from the torrent file also fails, but removing and re-adding the torrents still works

any ideas?

ps. i'm using the latest stable build 1.8.2

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No it wasn't default. Someone had to have set that.

Default has none of those settings enabled.

What you have with that setting on is uTorrent attempting to load its own cache of torrents and renaming them. Causing it to be unable to find them the next launch.

What will happen when you turn that setting off is that you will stop re-doing the damage that you did by enabling that setting.

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