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Windows Firewall Vista 64-bit


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I have tried all the usual remedies and STILL cannot get through to uTorrent with Windows Firewall running. Maybe someone can tell me where I am still going wrong?

I have a Vigor2600G router connecting to BT ISP broadband

On the router:

Under NAT Setup -> Configure Port Redirection Table I have forwarded the port that uTorrent is using (17908) on both TCP and UDP top my Vista 64-bit machine.

Under NAT Setup -> Open Ports Setup I have opened the same ports using TCP and UDP to the same machine.

The router firewall is OFF

On the machine, Windows Firewall:

On installation, uTorrent has put in two exceptions for the EXE, one for TCP and one for UDP

I have manually added two ports for 17908, one for TCP and one for UDP.

With Windows Firewall turned on, I get the yellow triangle and when I click it and "Test if port is forwarded properly" I get the red "error" indicating that the port isn't.

If I turn Windows Firewall off, I get the green circle and "Test if port is forwarded properly" I get the green "OK" indicating that the port is.

I know the simple answer is to turn the firewall off!!!!!!!

But why does it not work with the firewall on?

Any experts out there able to save my sanity?



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Hiya DreadWingKnight,

The ones I have set up are public (all computers including the internet) but I can't view all the properties of the ones set up during installation, even when I am logged on as the system admin and I can't remove them either. Maybe because I didn't set them up?

Thanks for trying to help.


OK. Have had another look at this. WIndows Firewall under Vista has the old interface, plus a new "Windows Firewall with Advanced Security" interface too. Have gone into the latter and, under the "Advanced" tab, there is a setting for "Profile". All the exceptions were set for "Private" profile, even though they were set up to connect to all computers (including the internet). I interpret this to mean that the exceptions ONLY work for a the profile of the user which set them up (the uTorrent install???). Anyway, I have changed this setting so that all the uTorrent exceptions are set up for "All" Profiles and this seems to have done the trick. Have yet to reboot and see what happens, but having switched the firewall back on, uTorrent is still displaying the green "Network OK" icon, so hopefully this has solved the problem.

Thanks again for your help.



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