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Auto-loading and partfiles


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I've 2 suggestions:

First the not important one. Add an option to specify where the partfile from diskio.use_partfile should be created. I want to use a partfile, but i don't want them sitting in the downloads folders. Basicaly if I can put all partfiles in "%AppData%/uTorrent", it would be perfect.

Now the more important one. This one can be considered a bug.

I have configured my browser (Opera) to auto-dl torrent files in a specific folder, and uTorrent to auto-load them from there. The problem is that uTorrent sometimes crashes when it tries to load the torrents. I suppose the problem is that it tries to open and read the torrent before Opera has actually written the whole of it in the folder. Most likely it has nothing to do with the browser beeing Opera (or it does?). It should happen even if the torrent is manually coppied in the folder. I think adding a fraction of the second delay between detecting the torrent in the folder and trying to open it will solve the problem.

Regards :)

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I could've sworn I shot that request down at some point. Mostly because the partfile is associated with the torrent data (skipped and unskipped files share pieces, µT must save the entire piece), and is required until you remove the torrent. It will not be placed anywhere else. What may be done is to make it remove the partfile when you remove the torrent from the listview.

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