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File Extentions


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New to this and don't know if I am aksing this in the right place or not. Have tried to down load a few movies, and everytime i try it, get a message saying can not find that extention. Does anyone know what i do to correct this so i can down load. Thank you.

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I also have this problem. Trying to download a queen track (example of Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody from Mininova i got this message:

Do you want to save this file or find a program on line to open it?

Name ...en_-_bohemian_rhapsody_mp3[mininova].torrent

Type: unknown file type

From mininova.org

the message is the same at [piratebay]

i've had utorrent before - but since i had to reinstall windows it's not working as effectively

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