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registered, but unable to login on a new computer


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Last November I registered for a version of u-torrent I had to pay for. I was able to search and download torrents from sites as mininova, pirate bay etc. In the uTorrent program (where you can see al your downloads, peers, seeds etc) I could select which site I wanted to use for my next download.

Then I bought a new computer. I wanted to install U-torrent on it (in which I succeeded), but this is a version which can only search for torrents by using bittorrent or google, which is far from convenient for me. Today I still haven't found a way to install the 'paid-version' on my new computer with my login-name and password which I used on my old computer.

I hope someone is able to explain to me how I can change my simple version to the extended version on my new computer!

Thanks a lot!

x Vivianne

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