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File exceeds filesystem size limit


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Hello folks. I am having a problem crop up that I can't seem to figure out. When downloading an avi file with a name within the 64 character name limit of the filename on Windows XP I still get an error message saying 'File exceeds filesystem size limit'. I have downloaded other files that were larger than the size of this file (5.29GB) without problems using UTorrent v8.2.1. The specifics are: Torrent name:Kathara - Bio Spiritual Healing Regenesis Program - Advance Level 1 - DVD 1. Within the torrent are 3 files - Only one which is checked to save to my hard drive-that one labeled: Ulead_DVD_Title01.avi. I am saving to a file on my Hard drive titled: U:\Kathara\DVD 1. So actual filepath name is U:\Kathara\DVD 1\ Level 1\Ulead_DVD_Title01.avi, which is well within the 64 character limit. I Could use some insight as to why I keep getting this message. Any help is appreciated. dreamer1153.

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