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1.5 TB storage just installed, uTorrent still says: Error Disk Full?


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Is my spanking new 3.6" Barracuda not formatted right?

Or *do I need to do something different with uTorrent now that I've upgraded my storage capabilities*?


I can see 'New Volume' when I'm looking at my computer info.

and when I right-click New Volume and go to Properties I see

1.36 TB Free space... yet all my files in uTorrent are coming back

with the 'not enough space on disk' error.

I've even gone under Options> Preferences> Directories>Location of torrents

and arranged for the torrents to be stored in this new disk.

Still I get the error.

I'm confused.

Is there something in the FAQ etc (that I'm not seeing) that may help?

Thanks for any advice you can offer.



I have a HP Pavilion a1610n

with XP Media Center 2005 stuff in it.

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If you have finished that torrents on your "old" harddisk, you can move them to the new one.

(Stop that torrent, move the files/folder, rightclick the torrent, advanced, set new download location, start that torrent again).

Otherwise check if the filesystem is NTFS and not FAT32 because of file size limitations!

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Thanks for answering!

I erased all my files before I took it to the store so I'm starting from scratch...no need to transfer anything.

As far as FAT32 and file size limitations...would that change with the new disk?

How can I check?

Also, these are average sized files...700Mb, 900Mb etc...being rejected and I had no problem downloading *before* I began getting this error (i.e. once my usual, old Hard Disk filled up!)

Edit: Weird.

It started working all by itself and now it's stopped again.

I even got three more downloads completed before it decided there wasn't any space again.

What the hell is going on?

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To check on fat32 vs NTFS click on "my computer" then right click on the new disk and select properties. That should tell you what type of file system it is as well as other information.

Could it be another disk that is full? Run start-all proframs-accessories-system tools- disk defragment. Not to defragment but just to get a quck list of what file systems you have and how much free space is on each one.

Utorrent uses several directories. You may have moved the downloads but there could still be control files going into your C drive. For example the .torrent files typically go in to:

C:\Documents and Settings\yourname.FILES\Application Data\uTorrent

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Well, I've just been cutting and pasting the files from Documents into the new disk which is J:

This is a time consuming thing.

I have gone under Options>Preferences>Directories

and changed both the 'Location(s) of download files' to J:

Nothing, they still end up in documents.

So, again, the tab that says 'Put new downloads in'...and the tab that says 'Put completed dowloads in' both have J:\ as the destination.

But they are still coming up in my documents folder and staying there until I physically move them to J:.

'Store torrents in' option says "J:" as well.

'Only move from the default directory' is checked.

could this be the problem?

I wish I could post a screen shot but can't seem to be able to.


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Existing torrents are not affected by a change to the default download location. As is clear from the name ("Put new downloads in"), the option affects only torrents added after the option is set. You have to move the existing torrents yourself, and set the download location in µTorrent via the torrent job context menu's Advanced > Set download location... item.

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