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Allow multiple connections from the same IP


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It would help me much if uTorrent could have setting to allow multiple connections from the same IP address, like some basic torrent clients do. (atm I use bittornado which has this option).

Why I need this? well, Im behind a router and it shows all incoming connections coming from the same ip address (and no, I can't configure the router because it is out of my reach).

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It can also be useful for certain situations, especially with Chinese users and proxy users (both are fully proxied)

Same for our student network here. All (well, 99.5%) of the college/university students with diggs/dorms here in the city use the university-network, which basicly means 15 000 people (estimated, most likely more) on 3 ip's (it's a heavily routed/nat-ed network), so this might help some people here aswell.


I've been searching for some numbers, and I've come up with 38,047 different users the last 30 days.

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