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Anyone know how to use this download accelerator I bought??


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I searched all forums for posts regarding download accelerators before posting this and didn't see any...

I purchased BitTorrent download accelerator ver.2.3.4...looks nice...easy to install and open etc etc..

One small problem, it doesn't work...I know, I should direct my questions to them, which I have, waiting on their 'tech support' to email back...should be this fiscal year...

Anyway, maybe I'm the idiot here...is there some sort of compatability setup that is common knowledge that I am missing with this type of supporting software?

Is there a way to configure, use together that I am missing??

Any help would be great..


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What you're missing is the money you wasted on the so-called accelerator. There is no magical program that will improve BitTorrent speeds -- only a correct configuration can do that for you.

Get a refund for the "accelerator" if at all possible, and read the µTorrent setup guide.

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