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Utorrent Problems


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Please, please, please can someone help me with this issue because it's really begining to do my %$£!ing head in ???

I bought a new pc in the January sales and when I first set it up everything was spot on (had changed from XP to Vista). I use Utorrent for my downloads and for the first few weeks everything was fantastic. Then the problems started.

First of all I couldn't browse the net whilst Utorrent was running but my transfer rate whilst downloading was still at it's maximum.

Next the upload speeds were fine but down speeds were awful.

Then finally it started where it would do virtually nothing. Downloads or uploads wouldn't start and web pages would time out every single time I tried browsing.

I then switched to using Bit Torrent but I've found that very hit and miss. Speeds fluctuate and sometimes it won't connect at all saying that Windows Firewall has blocked it, but it's not running and the torrent client is in the safe/allow list.

I like in the UK and have 8mb O2 broadband.

Any help sorting this out would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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