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slow speed- port doesnt seem to be open error


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My PC-

Windows Xp, SP2, 256Mb ram

256kbps broadband connection

utorrent -1.8.2 (build 15285)

I use windows firewall (no other firewall)

AVG Free Home edition 8.5

Even though I've been torrenting for more than an year, I dont know the tech details......and im like a newbie.....it used to work earlier, so i didnt bother to know what was going on.....

The problem-

I have recently re-installed Windows XP, because the earlier one crashed due to virus.

I used to get download speeds of around 150kbps or sometimes even 220kbps in utorrent. (i dont remember the version or build, but it must be an year or so old.....I never updated it)

Now in the new XP, I get speeds not more than 30kbps. There is always a "!" in a yellow triangle at the bottom of my utorrent, and I always get the error that "port does not seem to be open" if I test if the port is forwarded properly.

What I have tried-

I confirmed that utorrent is in the list of exceptions in Windows firewall and made a few more changes in utorrent settings as suggested in many posts...

After reading many posts with similar problems, I made my ip adress static through a tutorial. But I am stuck after this.

I have made my ip adress static as what do i do? what changes should i make in utorrent settings?? How do i "forward" a port on utorrent ? What should I enter as the port in utorrent? I have tried many ports like 43256, 62589......or any random number(manually).....but none of them work....

Also, my router is not there in the whole big list given at portforwarding.com, though Im not sure what my router's name is.......(i know this sounds dumb......but I'll be gratefull if u could help)

There's a white box with "MTNL T-KD 318-EUI" written on it. (MTNL is the name of the company)

and if this is the name of the router......its not there in the list.......

Any help will be appreciated....i am completely stuck......

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look around your router page (usually) for something like "NAT" or "NAT Rule"

Then go add a NAT rule entry. enter you ip (from to192.168.1.12) then at the "local port" freely choose a port you like. personally I chose 6112, which is subsequently my warcraft port, since I don't play while I download and i cbf opening a separate port, but I've heard ppl say high numbers (30000+) works better. Then finally, go to your utorrent and put the port in. Hope it helps.

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Dengero, thanks for the quick reply.......

I have been trying to find NAT on the router page as you said, and I finally found it in two places-

In both the places, "Enabled" was written in front of NAT, but there was no option where I could change something.......

This is what I see - -

(under the STATUS tab)

Device Information

Firmware Version: R100B02.7AS.D

LAN -Ethernet

MAC Address 00:18:02:FB:92:71

IP Address

Subnet Mask

DHCP Server Enabled

NAT Enabled


MAC Address 00:18:02:FB:92:71

IP Address

Subnet Mask

DHCP Server Enabled

NAT Enabled


Virtual Circuit PVC0

Connection Connected

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Default Gateway


Also, why is it that the LAN IP adress it shows is different from ??

This is another page where I found the word "port"......the port is set as 80.....but even if i put 80 as port number in utorrent, the problem remains...

(under TOOLS tab)

User Configuration

This page displays user information. Your username/password can be up to 128 characters and is case-sensitive.

User Configuration

Administrator (The Login Name is "admin")

New Password: XXXX

Confirm Password: XXXX

Management Port

(Please save configuration and reboot the device for the changes to take effect.)

HTTP Port: (80, 61000-62000) 80

Telnet Port: (23, 61000-62000) 23

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Give us a print screen, it will help more than a bunch of words.

As for your IP, you can look at it like this: -Router-

59.180...is the IP when ppl look at you. You router IP is and your router sees your computer as IP are names, if that makes it clearer.

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these are the screenshots of the earlier pages I was talking about



I found this page which gave options like IP adress and ports....please take a look at this....


However, if I make changes in it and restart the router, the changes do not appear......

like u can see that i entered the private IP as the static IP (just a try, I dont know if it should work) and set the port as 61234. It becomes a part of the list for the time being. Then when I restart my router and open router page, it isnt there........


u can see the list of tabs and options I have at my router's page. Please tell me if u want printscreen of any other page.....

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