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Can't load uTorrent after shutdown


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Hey ppl, I'm having problems getting uTorrent to load.

I can install it fine and run it, but whenever I put the computer to sleep sometimes and shut the system down completely, the next time I come to load it it won't run (no error report or nothing).



Asus M3A32-MVP Deluxe

Windows Vista Ultimate SP2


No Antivirus Software (Router Firewall & System Firewall)

Tried running it under compatibility mode too but nothing.

Must mention too I've got a MS Biometric FingerPrint Reader installed.

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To find out what's going on, you can't rely on basic tools such as Task Manager, even if it is beefed up for Vista. I'd recommend both http://live.sysinternals.com/tools/procexp.exe and http://live.sysinternals.com/procmon.exe The former is used to show certain process tasks' component parts during troubleshooting (linked in the main guide) and the latter is used to evaluate exactly what goes on behind the scenes. It will show error codes and such when things fail to load.

While opening utorrent, if you look in Process Explorer does the utorrent.exe process even load? You'll see it show up in GREEN when it's just launched, if you double click on it before it disappears relevant information may include the three textfields under the Image tab (Path, command line, and current directory)... alternatively/additionally you can load up Process Monitor, start monitoring before you double click utorrent.exe (or shortcut to launch) and then stop after you're sure it's not going to boot up (Ctrl-E should be the shortcut, if not it's available under File menu, iirc)

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