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Issue with exiting uT and starting up with all torrents "Checking"


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So, I am having problems with exiting out of uT then when I open it up again (Could be closed for 5 minutes or 5+ hours, the length seems to have no affect) all my torrents except the seeding ones all say "Checked 0.0%" and it takes seriously a really long time for that meter to go from 0.0% to 100% checked for just one file. It's been doing this for over a week now, quite annoying. Any help is extremely appreciated. I may or may not be in the right catagory, so please excuse my dumbness this once, considering I did some speed tweaking to get downloads to go faster and somehow it seemed to also make the torrents check quicker, but not by much.

What stinks is I'll see I have a torrent at 99% downloaded, need to close uT, come back and have to wait for it to get checked and it seems to never be the first one to check.

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