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Can Some on give me settings for this speed!


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I have tried all the settings sugested for µtorrent but i just cant seem to get it right!

this is the bandwidth i have availiable:(these are the speeds that speedtest.net gives me, so it has taken off the overheads!)

UP: 1.1Mb/s

Down: 16Mb/s

I rarely get over 900Kilobytes/s when i should max utorrent out at about 1.7MB/s-1.9MB/s

I have the half open connections set at 100 atm and up speed limited at 85KB/s

Thanks for any help in advance!


Edit: (this happens on torrents with thousands of seeds not just ones with few!)

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What version of uT are you using? Have you changed any of the Ctrl-P > Advanced settings from defaults besides halfopen? (* denotes changed) You don't need to keep halfopen that high, so try resetting it for the timebeing.

Have you tested this inability with http://slackware.com/torrents/ ? Are you able to sustain that upload of 85 KiByte/sec? (use the Speed tab, scale back to 5, 30sec, or 5min to see speed over time, for upload and upload+download)

Your Speed Guide (Ctrl-G) settings.. what are they?

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