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Re-locating files


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I have reviewed the previous forum messages and cannot find the exact answer I need.

I have just added a large external drive and would like to move the downloaded data (about 80 MB) from existing torrents (as well as all new downloads) to this new drive.

Moving the files is no problem but how do I set the options in uTorrent to find the files?

I know that I make the new drive (E:\movies) the default in the Preferences.

Do I also need to right click on each of the 50+ torrents, select properties, advanced? Then what do I enter?

Thanks and regards.

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Yes, you'd have to change each torrent's download locations manually from within µTorrent. The alternative would be to edit resume.dat directly using BEncode Editor's Find/Replace facility. The only stipulation would be that the path structure should be the same between the previous location and the new location for it to work correctly.

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Thanks for your quick response.

When I enter the path, I assume that I do that in the "Web Seeds" area of the Advanced location. Assuming the Folder and the file name are the same (movies/filename.avi), do I enter E;/movies or just E:.

As you can tell, I do not go into the guts of uTorrent very often. It just works so well that not much attention is needed.

I appreciate your help.

BTW, can you give me a link for more info on BEncode?



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Check his signature, it's his utility ;)

Changing path in the editor you use PATH, not WEBSEEDS. Similarly you don't use any part of the properties dialog in uT when repathing. right click > Advanced > set download location

Correct, for the Ctrl-P > Directories change you change from c:\current_path\ -> E:\new_path

Other clarifications/questions?

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