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Simple FLAG CHECKBOX Column in Main Window


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I would like to see a simple Checkbox column along the left side of the main window so you can quickly Flag a torrent for whatever reason.

The reason I would like to see this feature is, when I complete a torrent I grab whatever files I have downloaded, unpack them and copy them elsewhere to my archives. These files that I have already copied from the downloads folder I want to keep seeding but be aware that I've already copied them elsewhere so that I need not wonder whether or not I've already renamed/sorted/archived those files. As I seed a lot of files I easily forget if I have already sorted them out and as a result end up copying them again, but perhaps not renamed them or something and I end up with duplicate files in my archive and when your archive is as large as mine (5.84TiB used of 6.36TiB space) the odds of me finding these files after the fact is purely coincidental.

As I started writing this I discovered the 'Label' column and this does do the job that I want, although I think people will agree that a simple checkbox would be quicker and easier. Just a quick click to indicate that I've already finished with the files in the torrent that I can just leave it seeding would be ideal for my usage.

This Checkbox could be used for any number of purposes, such as to flag torrents that are on your favorite tracker, or to flag torrents that you uploaded yourself, or flag torrents that you want to remember not to remove etc etc. Basically to flag torrents :lol:

I'd be thrilled to see this simple one-click flag checkbox in a future release of uTorrent.


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