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Using WebUI, Downloads save to C:\Program Files/Mozilla Firefox


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OS: Vista 32-bit Home Premium

uTorrent version: 1.8.2

Browser: Firefox 3.0.1

WebUI App: TorrentFu (Android OS)

This is a bit strange and wanted to see if this was uTorrent just following a default setting:

I was having the usual "Access is Denied" problem that many other WebUI users were experiencing.

My downloads were saving to my \My Name\Documents\Downloads folder as usual when they were started by me on the computer with Firefox.

But since my phone finally got a WebUI app, I started using that, only to find WebUI created torrents weren't working due to the "Access is Denied" problem. I gave up and started using uTorrent as an Administrator as a last resort, and that seemed to do the trick.

Only I just downloaded something and found it strange that I couldn't find it in the usual \My Name\Documents\Downloads directory. When using the "Open Containing Folder" feature in uTorret, I was surprised and disturbed that uTorrent saved it to C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox for some odd reason.

After going into Preferences and forcing all new downlads to be saved in the usual \My Name\Documents\Downloads directory. Everything now saves as it did before. Even WebUI works like uTorrent did before when just using it normally with Firefox. Without Admin Privileges even.

What I want to know is:

Was it just uTorrent not knowing what to do with WebUI started torrents?

Was my uTorrent App hijacked because it had admin level access?

Did numerous updates make uTorrent forget were it should save new downloads when certain features are used?

Was giving uTorrent Admin level privileges a bad idea?

Thanks for any info provided.

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If you were uploading/managing WebUI from your phone, the "current working directory" was likely set to Firefox. With a default save folder though this shouldn't happen. Then again, until WebUI actually allows/specifies a folder this will likely continue to happen.

No, your app was not hijacked. As long as you're running the current version there is no remote exploit/crash bug, at least not known.

Run as administrator... isn't that dangerous with a torrenting app unless you launch files from within uT. If you do yeah, maybe if you deal in shady files it could be a bad idea.

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Thanks for the piece of mind. :)

AVG just finished a scan of Program Files, and didn't find anything suspicious.

And yeah, I only download from trusted sources. My worry was mainly about running uTorrent with admin level privileges, and the effects it could have on my system.

Thanks again for the help.

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There's a bug in current stable versions of WebUI that causes the download location to be ambiguous for remotely-added torrents (as far as I can tell, it's using the current working directory). With the fix in place, µTorrent will use the default download directory to store data for WebUI-added torrents.

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