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My utorrent shows 0 seeding and 0 downloading


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I`m on Microsoft XP Professional. And using utorrent 1.9.0 beta.

I hope u can help me with this, because i`m totally screwed..

My power failed while i was downloading with utorrent and i had to replug the power cable and restart my pc.

When i restarted the pc, there was the normal pc boot time scan with microsoft xp.

It showed me some 86 files recovered.

Then i started the utorrent. Now, it`s not showing any torrent in it..

It says 0 torrents seeding and downloading..where as i was downloading and seeding plenty of torrents.

What can i do now?

It`s crazy..I would have to re-download everything from 0%.

And what`s even more crazy is if i click on the torrent which i was downloading, utorrent comes up and shows ".torrent file invalid".

I hope somebody will reply to me soon and solves the issue..I`m not going to uninstall utorrent till that time..:((

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Now i know which part of the migration guide to use which was my problem earlier.:(

I have to use the part which says "Renaming appended files" to resume my partially downloaded files.

Now that part informs me that u`ll have to find .!ut files..But where will they be located?

And from which folder i`hve to run to run that file? And i didn`t understand what should i replace bc! with..:(

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Successfully started seeding and downloading the files!

Thanks a ton, DreadWingKnight..

It was a great help from u and as quickly as u gave..:)

For those who may get confused as i did, in the 3rd step from the "Loading torrents in µTorrent" section,

The guide meant locate folder which contains the download or partially downloaded files and don`t worry if it is already downloaded as it will not start downloading again!

Thanks again:)

Just one more query that i have..

Can i follow the same procedure if i format my pc and still have the .torrent file as well as the partially/fully downloaded files to make them resume downloading/seeding?

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