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HTTP error 300


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I have the version utorrent 1.8.2 on windows xp sp3 ( yesterday i have the same utorrent version but on windows 7 RC and the same problem), my problem is when i take a torrent from demonoid or other on the tracker status doesnt have this error but if i will make a torrent ( a personal torrent that i like to call ) with the http://my ip:port/listen.pls + settings on trakers status is HTTP error 300 ( i forget to tell that i never had this error before on personal torrent ) , weird or no when i install drupal i have an error about HTTP-on firefox but on internet explorer this error did not apeard;

sorry for the many edits

sorry if my english is wrong or bad

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I found the instructions on a forum and the torrents worked;

The settings are:

step 1:Option,Preferences,Bittorrent Enable DHT Network checked;

step 2: Connection, Randomize port each time uTorrent starts un-checked;

step 3: Advanced bt.enable_tracker true;

step 4: Create new torrent, on Trackers i must put my ip and my port example - this is not my ip and port;

the user that will recive the torrent must do step1+ step 2+step3;

i did this steps many times and worked , only yesterday and today did nt worked - the error : HTTP error 300

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