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wrong port forwarded all ok. right all frrzes


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I have forwarded right port to nat and firewall, and utorrent uses 100 cpu and all mem.

when I change port from utorrent or zyxel, all works fine, but i have nat error from utorrent.

Checked faq and allmost everything, but nothing seems to help. tried with firewall and without. port is forwarded correctly I think...


zyxel prestige 660hw-61 have newest firmware

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Nope, I have zone alarm suite, but even when it's disabled it's same problem.

No netlimiters or that kind of stuff also...

Error message was: windows ran out of memory. Unable to allocate 180 bytes. try to close some applications and press ok.

I have 38 processes up and 1.5 gig RAM, hard to believe that there could be problem neither.

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