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Error: Access is Denied


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I downloaded and re-installed uTorrent today (it's not my first time using it, however, the problem is a first). The client is set to the usual settings and such, and yet, whenever it attempts to download a file of any sort, it halts and shows the error message.

Windows Indexing is turned off. I don't have MSN/Google Desktop nor do I have WinZip QuickFind, or any other program that is listed as incompatible with the client.

I am not viewing the folder in thumbnail view either. Everything that's listed as a possible cause is not the root of my problem.

Any ideas?

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The folder's security settings were open; however, it suddenly struck me to check whether the file was set to read-only or not. Sure enough, it is. Last night, I merged two partitions on my HDD, so I guess the folders from there were set to read-only automatically when they were moved onto the original partition (I don't know if that's what happened, but if so, I learned something new!). So, after that changes, I shall check and see if uTorrent will work now.

Edit: Unchecking the Read-Only box and applying the changes to the folder seemed to have worked!

Thank you!

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